Talks and presentations

High-performance backpropagation for scientific computing

November 15, 2019

Conference talk, Doctoral Showcase, Supercomputing 2019, Denver, Colorado, United States of America

This talk was part of Supercomputing’s doctoral showcase. Here I presented the entirety of my thesis work, which consisted of checkpointing, lossy compression and automatic differentiation.

Automatic differentiation of adjoint stencil loops

July 05, 2019

Conference talk, European workshop on automatic differentiation, London, United Kingdom

This talk focussed on automatic differentiation of stencil loops. A key feature of stencil loops is the gather operation that is converted into a scatter by conventional AD. This scatter can not be easily parallelised. This talk discussed a compiler-level transform that changes that scatter operation back into a gather operation that is easy to parallelise.

Training Neural Networks on the Edge: The why and the how

May 05, 2019

Conference talk, International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Here I presented the use of revolve-based checkpointing to enable training of neural networks on tiny devices. The use case presented was that of in-situ retraining of student-teacher pairs to address the viewpoint problem in computer vision.

Workshop on Full-Waveform Inversion

April 15, 2019

Workshop, SENAI CIMATEC, Salvador, Brazil

I conducted a full day workshop on Full-Waveform Inversion, demonstrating the mathematics and code required to invert some basic acoustic examples.

Introduction to Devito

April 05, 2019

Workshop, University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Here I conducted a three-day workshop teaching the attendees the basics of solving finite-difference problems using Devito.

Lossy compression for checkpointing

November 25, 2018

Conference talk, European workshop on Automatic Differentiation, Jena, Germany

In this talk I presented the work I had started while at Argonne. This was initial work about lossy compression of checkpoints.

Accelerating adjoint computations by combining checkpointing and compression

September 05, 2017

Invited talk, INRIA Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France

I gave this talk while visiting INRIA Bordeaux as part of a collaboration. This talk was based on my work on combining lossy compression and checkpointing. Here I presented the performance model that can predict whether lossy compression can accelerate adjoint computations.

Rapid development of seismic imaging applications using symbolic mathematics

September 05, 2017

Conference talk, European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, Workshop on High-Performance Computing for Upstream, Athens, Greece

This talk was at a smallish (30 people) workshop targeted at academia and the O&G Industry in the Middle East. I presented Devito - the core idea, some API examples, and some performance numbers.

Leveraging symbolic math for rapid development of applications for seismic imaging

March 10, 2017

Conference talk, High performance computing in Oil and Gas at Rice University, Houston, Texas, United States of America

Audience of ~200 people who were senior academics and executives from the Oil and Gas Industry. This talk was a sales pitch for the general idea of Devito - that end users should not be writing low-level code and should instead focus on high-level algorithmic questions.

Symbolic Math for Automated Fast Finite Difference Computation

February 25, 2017

Conference talk, Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematicians, Computational Science and Engineering Conference 2017, Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America

This was at the SIAM-CSE conference in Atlanta. My talk was part of a workshop called MS84 Domain-Specific Abstractions for Full-Waveform Inversion. Here I presented a high-level overview of Devito’s API.

Automated fast finite difference computations

November 16, 2016

Conference talk, WolfHPC, Supercomputing 2016, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America

This was my first academic talk and the first time Devito was being presented to the world. The talk was about the first version of Devito - how it was built, and some performance results.